Nissan spotlights electrification and the future of mobility at Expo 2020 Dubai’s ‘Climate and Biodiversity Week’

Themed pre-Expo programming series brings together global leaders to address world’s most pressing issues

Virtual session saw senior Nissan executives examine the role of sustainable transport solutions in building smart cities

Dubai, UAE (Oct. 24, 2020) – The pivotal role of electrification and smart mobility in creating a sustainable future took centre stage at ‘Electrification & The Future of Mobility’, a virtual session hosted by Nissan yesterday as part of the Expo 2020 Dubai’s Climate and Biodiversity Week.

Leading the thought-provoking conversation was Guillaume Cartier, Vice Chairman and SVP Marketing and Sales for Nissan AMIEO and President of Nissan AMI, who was joined by senior executives from Nissan Energy and External & Government Affairs & Communications for Nissan – as they discussed the current state of electrification, shared learnings from Nissan’s decade-long journey in electric energy, and explored ways to accelerate a shift towards smart cities and sustainable energy management.

Cartier placed Nissan’s vision for the future of mobility and breakthroughs in the EV space within the context of today’s new normal. He said: “Our mission is to support cities in this region that are focused on sustainability and optimizing transportation – to become smart cities. Through our extensive global experience in the electrification space, we understand that engaging with mobility, energy, and government partners is instrumental to the emergence of smart cities. With a focus on opportunity, mobility and sustainability, Expo 2020 is a key platform to facilitate these discussions amongst thought leaders – and we look forward to sharing our expertise and working towards the joint development of sustainable mobility ecosystems that benefit local communities."

Friederike Kienitz, Region VP Legal, External Governmental Affairs and Communications for Nissan AMIEO then stressed the importance of cross-industry collaboration and partnerships to build a supportive ecosystem with EVs at its core. Identifying policy and incentives as a cornerstone for EV adoption and the integration of mobility and energy frameworks, she also underlined the need for increased awareness and education to ensure a long-lasting shift in consumer behaviour. She explains: “Making the switch to an electric vehicle is an absolute necessity if we want our world to shift to a low-carbon economy. While every single stakeholder has a role to play in building the right infrastructure and scaling up electric mobility, engaging with cities is key. They are the driving force behind many of the positive changes that are taking place today, and are key partners in maximising the full benefit of more EVs.” 

The discussion concluded with insights from Francisco Carranza, Managing Director - Nissan Energy, who discussed how vehicle-to-grid technology is key to unlocking the full potential of electric vehicles, while educating attendees on common misconceptions and consumer questions related to EV usage and clean mobility. He also emphasized the need for a broader ecosystem to enable the deployment of innovative solutions and the adoption of sustainable energy practices. He stated: ”Nissan has a lot of experience in bringing mass battery technology to markets, as well as successfully implementing pilot projects such as a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project with TenneT and The Mobility House in Germany, as well as V2G trials with independent energy provider OVO Energy and energy giants E.ON in the UK and EDF in France. Such projects enable us to demonstrate business opportunities that go beyond mobility, as well as draw attention to the lack of regulatory framework to open a dialogue with authorities about decentralized energy solutions.”

This discussion is part of a series of activities undertaken by Nissan as it gears up to bring its vision for the future of mobility to life at Expo 2020 Dubai next year. As the event’s Official Automotive Partner, Nissan will provide over 1,000 cars to make up Expo 2020’s fleet – as well as showcase advanced technologies that can bring us closer to a safer, smarter and more connected world.

Climate and Biodiversity Week is one of 10 thematic weeks that will also be held during the six months of Expo 2020 Dubai, bringing together the world’s brightest minds to encourage collaboration and cooperation to resolve some of the world’s most pressing challenges.